Weekly Wibble: Bradley Wiggins’ ever-changing weight

Behold, the ever-changing weight of Sir Bradley Wiggins.
A slender 71.75kg as recently as the 2014 Tour of California, he now tips the scale at a more hefty 83.2kg. Truly, he is a changing man.
Is his fluctuating weight a further expression of his mercurial personality? Or a dramatic change of look intended to complement his latest dapper outfit? Perhaps it is only the latest physiological modification required to go very fast in a different cycling discipline to his last?
With any other rider, the third of these three options would be a cert, but with Wiggo, who can tell? His change of physical persona may hint at something deeper. Guest editor of Radio 4’s Today programme at Christmas – a promotion, presumably, from his Desert Island Discs castaway appearance last summer – Wiggins the thinker is sighted with increasing frequency.
Weight change is not unchartered territory for Sir Brad, of course. We have seen the inverse already: the falling away, in every sense, of the track champion to make space (quite a bit of it) for the Grand Tour winner.
Doubtless, Wiggins’ crack team of advisors are analysing commercial opportunities for their man’s latest metamorphosis. “Bulk up with Brad” may provide an appetising alternative to the latest eating fad, and a challenge to the SIRT diet in the bestseller lists.

And how about an accompanying DVD, in which the grumpy Londoner instructs an unseen peloton immured in garages and living rooms to hold 400 watts for an hour or more in the rare moments of free time left by a round-the-clock eating schedule?
Beware, however, before hitching a ride on the latest of Wiggins’ express diets (11kg gained in 18 months). What goes up might also come down. If you lack the willpower to shed a spare ten kilograms or so, should Wiggins decide instead to close his career by reclaiming the record for the Col d’Eze time-trial, you’re best off admiring his dietary changes from afar.
71.75kg – Bradley Wiggins’ weight on May 12, 2014, when he won the Tour of California
83.20kg – Bradley Wiggins’ weight on January 2, 2016
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