Vive la Vie Velominatus: a bike for the Rules

As the founder of the Velominati, Frank Strack probably won’t ever forget his Rules.


But just in case any of the most important ones slips his mind while out on two wheels, the Seattle man has put them on his bike.


Five key rules, from Rule 5 (“Harden the fuck up”) to Rule 43 (“Don’t be a jackass”) form the centrepiece of Strack’s personal Velominati bike, displayed at the Rouleur Classic.


Strack, who will shortly begin an exclusive regular column on, took us through the bike.


You can see Rule 5 products on the Rouleur shop.


“Hedrick is the designer and the builder. His name is Carson Hedrik, he’s a builder in Seattle. He started by building steel frames for fun and for friends, and then eventually started production of carbon bikes. But he’s still small; I think in total there are only a few hundred Hedrick bikes.


“The paint job is completely Velominati inspired. It’s a “Vive la Vie Velominatus” theme, and we have a hand-painted, Mondrian-inspired pattern that goes with that logo.


“The bike was painted by a muscle-car painter in Los Angeles, California. If you look closely you can see it’s a candy finish so there are sparkles inside the paint. The orange is sparkly and the white is pearlescent. Wear your sunglasses if you’re out in the sun.


The five rules that we selected for representing Vive la Vie Velominatus the most, which is Rule 5, Harden the fuck up, and Rule 9, Rule 10, Rule 12, and Rule 43.


“What rules you see depends on how badly your head is falling down but the V cog is the piece you see a lot. That’s right in the line of sight and that represents Rule 5 in that sense.


“This was really a gift to me for my 40th birthday, Campagnolo supplied the Super Record EPS and the wheels, which was incredibly generous.


“The chainset is a Rotor 3D. it’s an old model; I ride a 177.5cm crank. It’s an old Pro stem I had stripped down and repainted to match, and it’s a full carbon bar so the ride is incredibly smooth.


“It is wonderful to ride. Every once in a while you have a bike that feels like it pedals itself. It has absolutely no resistance at all, it feels like everything you put into it comes back. And it descends like an absolute bomb.”


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