Rouleur podcast: Tour de France 2017 – issue 17.4 with Ned Boulting

Ned Boulting answers all your Tour De France questions – well, most of them.


Which are the key stages? Who is going to win? Is Chris Froome on form? Why do so few German riders have German names? He joins presenter Ian Parkinson and Rouleur Editor Ian Cleverly in the newly reopened pavilion at Herne Hill Velodrome. Plus, the Rouleur Quiz and the truth about David Millar’s espresso habits.


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Photo Picks of the Issue

Romain Bardet

Romain Bardet by Michael Blann

“Beautifully lit, studied, carefullly composed. It’s that combination of fragility and extraordinary hidden reserves of strength and stamina, and self-belief. He is a beautiful rider to watch.” Ned Boulting


Liege by Kristof Ramon

Liège by Kristof Ramon

“There is something really nice about these northern French and Belgian towns that are grim, but don’t pretend to anything other than industrial towns.” Ian Parkinson

Caleb Ewan

Caleb Ewan by Joel Hewitt


“I briefed the photographer and asked him come back with Eadweard Muybridge-esque images: I want to see Ewan in full flight, nose on the front wheel, from start to finish.” Ian Cleverly




And last but not least, as Ian mentions in the podcast, here is Romain Bardet’s karaoke song of choice.

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