Rouleur podcast: issue 17.5 – Wacky Races, starring Hammer Series and Red Hook crit

What can pro cycling learn from the “new breed” of races like the Red Hook Crits and the Hammer Series?


Quite a bit according to riders Alec Briggs and Sophie Edmondson, fresh from the London Red Hook, who explain the appeal of racing fixed-gear track bikes around a tight inner-city course. In the rain.


Presenter Ian Parkinson is also joined by Rouleur Editor Ian Cleverly, who went to Holland to report on the Hammer Series. He doesn’t understand how it works either, but thinks it’s “A Good Thing”. Plus favourite pictures from Rouleur 17.5 and the podcast competition.


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Pantani, Armstrong
Ventoux 2000, by John Pierce

“The photographs by John Pierce are an amazing collection – I could have chosen almost any one of them – but the one from 2000 with Armstrong and Pantani on Mont Ventoux, is a great photo for me.” Ian Parkinson


Women's Tour - Benedict Campbell
Suffer-age, by Benedict Campbell

“Obviously, I was drawn in by the women’s cycling, thought I’d give it a shout out. It is from the end of one stage of the Women’s Tour. It is pretty gritty, they had bad weather, but it’s sunny. Their faces are a mixture of elation and being pretty much done in.” Sophie Edmondson


Tao Geoghegan Hart
Tao Geoghegan Hart, Hammer Series, by Marshall Kappel

“There’s a quote in the feature saying: ‘It’s fashionable to knock something, but if you don’t give it a chance, what is there? We’d be stuck in the 1800s or whatever.’ It shows he has such a good head on him. He is an inspiration to me.” Alec Briggs


Anquetil, James Straffon
Anquetil, by James Straffon

“James was commissioned by the British High Commission in Luxembourg to produce these street artworks for the visit of the Tour. What can you say? It’s Anquetil.” Ian Cleverly





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