Rouleur Online Photo Annual: Paolo Penni Martelli

Welcome to the 2016 Rouleur Online Photo Annual.


Over the New Year period, contributing photographers for Rouleur will be selecting their favourite images from the cycling season.


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This week, we present Rouleur photographer Paolo Penni Martelli, whose dream was to be a painter not a photographer but, he says, he “couldn’t draw a tree.”


The above image was taken with the Rwandan team who raced in the UK in the summer of 2016. You can read their story in Rouleur issue 66. 


Ag2r-La Mondiale riders continue their search for a suitable motor-pacing  trainer.


Spanish paracycling road championship, Malaga, Spain.


Spanish paracycling road championship, Malaga, Spain.


KOM challenge, Taiwan.


Nudging the cloud base at the Tour of Britain.


Spanish paracycling road championship, Malaga, Spain.


Spanish paracycling road championship, Malaga, Spain.


Mongolia bike challenge.


Lost on the Eroica in Spain.


About Paolo Penni Martelli:


“I think everything about photography has already been told.


“I’m not a cycling photographer, I’m not a documentary photographer, I’m not a fashion photographer, I’m still not sure if I’m a photographer actually.


“My dream was to be a painter but I can’t even draw a tree. I studied Physical Therapy and then I worked in dark English pubs for years.


“To me, photography, is just the way I discovered to express emotions, to play with the world. I discovered photography about 6 years ago, then cycling came after that.


“This series of photos represent some of the emotions of the last year. I wanted to chose some cycling shots and some other shots that were taken just before or after the “cycling one” but during the same event.


“I hope you can enjoy photography in its biggest meaning.”


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