Rouleur Online Photo Annual: Olaf Unverzart

Welcome to the 2016 Rouleur Online Photo Annual.


Over the New Year period, contributing photographers for Rouleur will be selecting their favourite images from the cycling season.


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This week, we present Rouleur photographer Olaf Unverzart, whose selection of images focusses on the many faces of the Giro d’Italia.


Giro d’Italia downhills taken with photo traps.


Using photo traps allowed Unverzart to capture moments and actions that are usually hidden from view, giving an intimate insight into the goings on in the bunch.


Andrey Amador sports the pink jersey on stage 14 of the Giro from Alpago to Corvara.


Fixing the landscape of his shots allowed Unverzart to emphasise the temporality of the race as it flies past, momentarily disturbing the peace and calm of the mountains.


Giro d’Italia 2016.


Giro d’Italia 2016: capturing the build-up to the race’s arrival.


Heading to the hills.


Giro d’Italia 2016.


Exploring the contrast of the corsa rosa with the verdant green Italian spring.


It’s time to climb.



About Olaf


Olaf Unverzart is a graduate of the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig. He has taught Photography at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg and is currently teaching at the Mozarteum Salzburg.


He has won several awards and fellowships, most recently the Lead Award in Gold 2016 for a portrait series in  ZeitMagazin.


His images have been featured in numerous publications and magazines worldwide. Since 1997 he has showed his works in exhibitions. The medium photobook is an important part of his artistic work. He lives in Munich and Oberpfalz.


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