Rouleur Online Photo Annual: David Powell

Welcome to the 2016 Rouleur Online Photo Annual.


Over the New Year period, contributing photographers for Rouleur will be selecting their favourite images from the cycling season.


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This week, we present Rouleur photographer David Powell, whose personal life took him to Colombia where he visited the country’s latest cycling star: Fernando Gaviria.


Powell also followed the Colombia-Coldeportes team at the 2015 Vuelta a España for a feature in Rouleur issue 60.

Gaviria heads back home through the streets of his home town, La Ceja, after a training ride. Not far from the city of Medellin, the surrounding mountains are a cyclist’s paradise, with many of Colombia’s WorldTour riders coming from the area.
Gaviria in La Ceja’s main square. The rider no longer passes through town unnoticed, with shouts of “campion!” as he strolled the streets.
Colombia-Coldeportes: Juan Pablo Valencia before the start of stage three of the 2015 Vuelta a España.
Carlos Julian Quintero receives a massage after stage five.
From left to right, Miguel Rubiano, Fabio Duarte, Juan Pablo Valencia and Alex Cano enjoy a relaxed ride through the south of Spain before the start of the 2015 Vuelta.
Walter Pedraza and Alex Cano boot up before the stage one team time trial.
Instead of taking the team bus, riders rolled down the short hill to the start of the opening stage team time trial in Puerto Banus.
The 2015 Vuelta opening stage attracted criticism for taking riders along a beach board walk. Three inches of sand covered the course in some sections, meaning final times were not taken into account.

Rodolfo Torres on the team bus, which in a former life belonged to the 1994 Juventus football team.


About David Powell


“The first cycle race I ever attended was the Vuelta a España, where I seemed to find the intense days even more exhausting than the team that I was embedded within.


“Working across all sports, I enjoy shooting anything that moves, although cycling with its heroic stories, staggering landscapes and characters to match has proved the most inspirational to me.”

David Powell

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