Rouleur Cover Stories: issue 66 – Team Rwanda by Paolo Martelli

This was my second day with the guys, my ability to drive on the other side of the road was improving and we were supposed to follow them on an easy training ride during the afternoon.


When we arrived to the cottage we realised that the training idea was not in their minds and energy levels were low. That was the right decision for them the day before the big race, but not so good for me.


We spent an hour or so watching a crazy Korean movie, subtitled in Rwandan and English, then I asked them what was the plan for the afternoon and they told me they would do some training on the rollers.


I asked them if I could decide the position of the rollers and settled on putting them there, close to the wall with the landscape behind; that was the place where I’d love to do some static training.


At that point the photo was easy to do. Normally, I don’t realise when I’m having a good shot but the feeling was good. To me, it’s like a modern painting.


So, that day I put a bit of Wales inside me. Wales has the best landscapes. And the worst breakfasts (sorry!)


In my hand I had a Nikon d4s with an old 24-120 d 4.5/5.6 – actually a bad lens. Nikon, if you’re listening, please sponsor me.


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