Rouleur Cover Stories: issue 57 – Cassette by Marshall Kappel

As a relatively new cycling photographer, it felt special to me to be asked to join the team and staff at the hotel following a race. And Ag2r is a special team, more of a family than anything else.


I remember when Yves, the Communications Director, and Fred, their staff photographer, presented me with a book about the team; it was the moment I felt I had arrived in the pro peloton.


This photos of gears hung on pegs in the mechanic’s trailer was at first a throw-away image, fairly anonymous, which is not my style. I always prefer people and mostly, a direct gaze.


But as I later reflected on the evening spent outside in a hotel parking lot with the riders and mechanics, the gears symbolized the functioning and harmony of a diverse team in sync, the unity of a group of men each moving to their own pace, perhaps in different gears, but together.


When I presented the image to Rouleur, I was unsure if this concept I felt would come through more universally. Apparently, it works and this means a lot to me.


Thanks again to the entire team and staff at Ag2r for always supporting my photography.


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