Rouleur Classic highlights: Scott Mitchell, photographer

“The Tom Simpson Peugeot jersey was my first introduction into cycling. I was a teenage mod and mods used to wear cycling jerseys.


“So my first ever contact with cycling was with this jersey, and this was the one to have because of the checkerboard. Subsequently I learned the significance of the jersey and I’m a huge Tom Simpson fan. So it’s taken on a whole new thing for me.

Prendas Peugeot Jersey Rouleur Classic 2016, Credit Marshall Kappel

“The other side of it is that it’s absolutely beautiful. I understand why teams can’t have jerseys like that now because of the sponsors, but the simplicity of it is beautiful. You could say the same about Brooklyn jersey but for me it doesn’t have the Tom link and it’s not the same. There’s just something about that, it’s beautiful.


“I wore mine, and it was the same woollen material, and I remember going to clubs and just being far too hot, but you looked cool. And the zip, you always had to have it the whole way up. You can’t wear it even a little bit down; like a Fred Perry it’s got to be all the way up.


“I think my favourite things at the moment are the Giro Empire lace up shoes. I remember seeing Taylor [Phinney] in Oman and it was the first time I’d ever seen a professional rider wearing those shoes, and I didn’t even know him at the time, so I sidled up to him and said, ‘they are amazing, where did you get those, did you have them made?’


“If you go on Instagram, people are making their own embellishments and individualising them and expressing themselves. Brad [Wiggins] had the Roy Liechtenstein shoes, with ‘Wham!’ written on them, because Paul Weller had that on his guitar, and they just look amazing. I remember he wore them once and the paint started to crack and he couldn’t wear them again.


“Of the modern kit, my favourite thing is those shoes. It’s cutting edge technology and a huge nod to the past, and it works.


“I wear Velobici clothing on the bike all the time. I just love the way that it looks so different to anything else out there. And a nod to the past will always hold that integrity and longevity in the way that the classic jerseys do too.


“When it comes to bikes, it’s an easy choice for me. But I do love them. I’ve only ever ridden Pinarellos. I’m now on my third one.


“I don’t know all that much about it but I do know that I love how it looks and I love riding it. All these bike manufacturers make interesting bikes, but for me it’s Pinarello. I’ve been with Team Sky to the factory and met Fausto and Luciano [Pinarello] and you see that this is the family that brought this bike through and they care about the product.


“I’ve never thought about it before but in a way Pinarello and Colnago are like Vespa and Lambretta. I’ve always had Vespas. The Pinarello is a lot safer than the Vespa anyway; I’ve fallen off that a lot more times than the Pinarello and I’ve done more damage to myself that way!”


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