Planet X to reissue Holdsworth Super Professional

The name Holdsworth will strike a chord with readers of a certain age, as will the numbers 753.
Planet X, the online retailer owned by the charismatic Dave Loughran, has commissioned 100 sets of Reynolds’ once flagship tubing to recreate the Holdsworth Super Professional.
The models will be built in Brighton by Reilly Cycleworks at a suitably meticulous rate, likely to be around four a week for an intial production run of between 10 and 20 frames.
All subsequent chassis will be bespoke, built to the customer’s preferred geometry. Each frame will be silver brazed. The first 15 will use hand cast, stainless steel lugs from American manufacturer, Henry James.
Mark Reilly of Reilly Cycleworks said the idea stemmed from a conversation with Loughran.
“I was talking to Dave, and we got on to the subject of 753. We thought it would be a nice idea to do a Super Professional, as a limited edition. He said, ‘Is it possible even?’
“I rang up Keith Noronha, [MD] at Reynolds and said, ‘Is it possible?’ He said, ‘No’.” But Keith’s used to me ringing,” he laughs.
“I tried Paul, the production manager, and he came back to me and said, ‘It is possible, but you’ve got to order 100 sets.’ Planet X is a big company and Dave said, ‘Just order them’.
Three members of Riley Cyclework’s four-man team are based in a workshop in New England House, close to Brighton station.
The eight-storey block was built in the 1960s to house light industry and today is home to digital businesses as well as frame builders and tool makers.
Loughran is at the head of the queue for the reborn Super Professional, followed by Planet X designer, Jamie Burrow. Reilly says he will make one for himself, too.
“We’re very honoured to be able to do it,” he said. “I’ll be proud to have one.”

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