Gift guide – Editor’s picks

Our ever-popular range of mugs continues to be a perfect choice for gift-giving; Richard Mitchelson’s iconic caricatures capture the essence of the legends of the sport, while The Handmade Cyclist celebrates some of their great quotes. Our stylish Merckx and The Rules tomes offer great value for anyone looking to buy for a discerning cyclist.

Editor’s Picks:
I carry a notebook everywhere I go and not just for professional reasons. All sorts of memos and snippets end up in my book that would otherwise be forgotten. It’s an invaluable aide-memoire.
Ever get that feeling you have all the cycling caps in your cupboard you are ever going to need? Then you see the one, the very one, that caps them all, as it were. This is it. And that’s the last cap I ever buy, honest…

Our range of t-shirts should suit any cyclist, from the subtle, classic 1 logo tee, to the collaboration with Campagnolo celebrating their beautiful components. Our most popular tee pays tribute to Rule #5 – probably the most well-known of the Velominati codex, featuring that symbol of hardness, a section of brutal pavé. Any adherent to Rule #5 would also appreciate our collaboration with Muc-Off – an elite all-weather lube developed from their experience of working at the very top of the sport with Team Sky. Based on their incredible work on Bradley WIggins’ Hour Record, the hand-mixed formula is presented in a unique glass vessel with a pipette for easy application.

Editor’s Picks:
I would definitely have this on my wishlist if I didn’t already own it. Hannah Grant’s book is stuffed to the gills with wonderful recipes. Any concern that healthy food for cyclists might be somewhat dull and worthy is quickly displaced: it all tastes every bit as good as it looks in Hannah’s photos. I can’t think of a single dish that has not been a hit with the whole family as we work our way through the 350 pages. A great idea brilliantly executed.
One of the most problematical items in a cyclist’s wardrobe, or is that just me? Blokes on bikes are not exactly renowned for bulging biceps, yet most clothing manufacturers get their dimensions totally wrong, leading to sagging arm warmers and unsightly gaps where the jersey sleeve ends if you have scrawny limbs like mine. Castelli and David Millar have nailed it with these, though, using Thermoflex fabric to ensure a snug fit. That’s one less thing to worry about, allowing us to focus on riding the bike – which is how it should be.

We are privileged to work with some of the finest artists and photographers in cycling and our collection of art prints contains some real treasures in a variety of styles, from 264’s extraordinary photograph of Roubaix Velodrome to Richard Mitchelson’s rendering of the iconic ‘Z’ marque. The immensely popular Les Maillots print displays the jersey of every winner of the Tour de France, while David Sparshott’s affectionate illustrations capture the nostalgia of some of cycling’s most recognisable jerseys, bicycles and vehicles.

Editor’s Picks:
131’s illustrations in the magazine are always a joy and this print is no different. It’s a clever play on René Magritte’s famous surrealist image Ceci n’est pas une pipe, given a suitably Roubaix-esque twist.

The shop also contains a carefully curated selection of truly special gifts, from David Millar’s stylish Chpt./// clothing, to our unique and luxurious selvage denim work apron.

Editor’s Picks:
This captures everything about Merckx in one shot. He’s headed for the Roubaix velodrome, all alone having left the competition floundering on the cobbles. The Molteni kit, the sideburns, his position, the mud-spattered legs – the whole package. How is it possible to be so good on a bike and so effortlessly cool at the same time?

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