Desire: Storck F3 Aston Martin Platinum

77 is a special number for Markus Storck.


The man behind Storck bicycles and his wife were married on July 7. He worked with Aston Martin on the ‘One of Seven,’ a special edition of the Vanquish supercar of which just seven were made. 77 was the number on his exhibitor wristband for the 2016 Rouleur Classic.


“It follows me all through my life,” he says.


No prizes for guessing how many units of the limited edition Aston Martin  Storck F3 were produced, then.


The collaboration with the British car manufacturer came about when Storck worked with Aston Martin’s ‘Q’ service – their skunkworks division in Gaydon, Warwickshire – on the One of Seven project.


Having already owned three Astons, he got the first One of Seven himself and the other six went to his friends.


The limited edition Storcks are already spoken for, too.


“I’m a car maniac. I have maybe 35 different cars,” says Storck. “It was like a dream come true when I bought my first Aston Martin. I thought I’d never have been able to buy a car like that, which is kind of the same feeling with Storck bikes.”


The bike is based on the Storck Fascenario 3 but beyond the Zipp 303 wheelset, SRAM Red groupset and the frame, everything is custom produced.


The chainset is made by Storck themselves, the brakes are custom THM Fibulas, and even the black bar tape has been made with an underlay of silver to match the colour of the frame, painted by Aston Martin.


“The frame colour is called ‘argento nero’, which is Latin for black silver. You can see that there are some black particles in the paint, but if you have full sunlight on it, it appears silver,” Storck says.


“It’s not just about mixing colour, but having them complement each other so it becomes a piece of art. This will become a classic. If you get this out in 50 years time, someone will say, ‘wow, now that’s a piece of art.'”


We wouldn’t usually comment on the price but in this case even that has been customised.


It costs £15,777. That’s €17777 or $17007.


Lucky number 77.


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