Desire: Rouleur + POC collection – Scandi drama, Swedish design

“What we’re doing is sticking to our typology at all times. We have our recipe about what we do and how we shape and chisel things, reflecting our mission, and we’ve never ever left that track.”


Over the past decade Rouleur and POC have become synonymous with quality products and now join together with a collection that embodies POC’s core principles of style and rider safety.

POC + Rouleur

POC have created a unique image in the world of gravity sports since their inception and have made an impact on the WorldTour with Cannondale-Drapac.


Founder Stefn Ytterborn has created a style and image that stands out due to its distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic.


Working for their base in Sweden’s capital Stockholm, POC combines the knowledge and experience of engineers, designers, neurologists and material specialists to develop their patented designs.

Rouleur + POC

Furthermore, a partnership with car manufacturer Volvo, means POC are at the forefront of safety technology. This has allowed POC to raise the bar when it comes to safety standards, without compromising on style or quality.


“In my mind, it is function in a tidy way, to make things as simplistic as possible, with nothing to disturb the function or the eye,” says designer Fredrik Hallander.


The Rouleur collection includes an anniversary jacket, bib shorts and cap, perfect for cruising stylishly in the spring sun and kicking back at a café stop.

Rouleur + POC

POC’s commitment to high performance and safety rubs off on the collection thanks to impact absorption and crash resistance research.


Rouleur + POC is available at the Rouleur shop

Rouleur + POC

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