Desire: Passoni Fidia, the titanium infused carbon super bike

Passoni is a bicycle company with a difference, concerned not with economy of scale, but attention to detail. 


A Passoni bicycle is a work of art and a labour of love. Most frames take a day to produce in their Vimercate atelier on the Milan outskirts – and that’s before the 20 hours of polishing.



The Fidia, launched earlier this year at Eurobike, is a striking creation, weaving carbon and titanium filament together to form a new carbon fabric. The result is a bike that is fast and stylish, yet combines titanium’s structural durability with carbon’s stiffness.


This new model takes inspiration from Phidias, the great 5th Century sculptor and mathematician. The Greek was one of the first to apply mathematic rigour to his work on aesthetics: he studied and used the Golden Ratio in his works, which included designed of the Parthenon.


“To fit a bicycle perfectly is to define the capacity of the body, to have precision with the position of the saddle, every angle, every muscle,” says Passoni’s chief operations officer Danilo Colombo.


“Everything must be efficient, yet also comfortable and correct. It has much in common with these rules of artistic harmony.”


With Passoni’s work, artistic harmony usually leads to aesthetic delight. When we take the Fidia around downtown Vimercate for a photo shoot, a group of pensioners can’t help but leave their battered sit-up-and-begs and crowd around to admire this work of art.


See the Passoni Fidea in the flesh at the Rouleur Classic, November 3-5


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