A Few of my Favourite Things, with Bernie Eisel


It was Indurain, always Indurain, when I was young. Definitely the classiest rider. I remember him winning in Oslo, him being up there in the worlds with Olano in Colombia [1995], that’s my favourite moment – Olano winning on a punctured back wheel. I was watching at home; my brother used to be a rider too and my parents still watch pretty much every race.



Goya. I went to Madrid one year and spent three days in the museums there. I’m no art connoisseur but when I have time, I prefer to go to a museum to just lying around or going to the mall.

26/7/1997 Tour de France 1997. Stage 20 - Disneyland Paris, Time Trial Jan Ullrich. Photo: Offside / L'Equipe.


I should say Cervélo, no? Back in the day, bikes were nicer, when there wasn’t that triangle rule. I would love to have that Pinarello Swan, or just a Lotus or something. Of course, if you look at the Cervélo S5 or Pinarello F8, this is the latest innovation, definitely faster than what we raced before – way faster than the Swan or the Lotus, but I’d love to see that coming back.



I like old books. I like reading classics. I’ve read Thomas Mann and Kafka; one is German, one is Czech. But also Ken Follett, I loved his books. But you can’t compare it because he probably has 20 guys working for him and Thomas Mann wrote it himself in three languages!

8/4/1998 Tour of Flanders. Johan Museeuw mounts an attack on the Muur van Gerardsbergen. Photo: Offside / Pressepsorts.


I can’t bring it down to one but definitely Flanders and Roubaix. Those are the hardest races, but also the most enjoyable, with the fans, the preparation and everything else. You work a year for it. When Paris-Roubaix is done, you have 358 days to prepare for Flanders again and 365 for Roubaix. And that’s it. This is all your mindset goes around.



I’m not so picky, but I enjoy going to Paul Smith when I’m in London or Tokyo. I get more classic stuff there; I dress how I feel. If I can’t be arsed, it’s jeans and a T-shirt. I don’t care how I look.

22nd July 2014 - Tour de France 2014 - Stage 16 (CARCASSONNE to BAGNERES DE LUCHON) - The peloton bunches together as they head along a tree lined avenue towards the Port de Bales - Photo: Offside / L'Equipe.


Everywhere in the world, you can find a great spot. Even Belgium, when you go down one of those long roads and every tree grows in the same direction because of the wind. And there’s nothing else, just you riding a bike, silently, looking and seeing that alley of trees…


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